Online | FailFighters 14: The Art of Entrepreneurship

Join us for Online | FailFighters 14: The Art of Entrepreneurship as we learn more about Ella Trinh’s entrepreneurial journey. She is currently the Co-Founder & COO of Vulcan Augmetics.
Ella will be sharing some HARD learned lessons, the value of having great relationships, knowing and using your uniqueness to create value, and how to find purpose and meaning in your life and work. Don’t miss this opportunity to empower yourself and help build a more successful and happy future!
📆 Date: October 06, 2021
🕒 Time: 4:00pm to 5:30pm
📍Where: Online via Zoom
💳 Fee: Free Online Admission
Vulcan Augmetics is a technology company that develops and manufactures superior functional and cost-effective electric hand grips for people with disabilities.
Before Vulcan Augmetics was born, Ella went on a journey of professional and personal development. Learning what makes a great leader, what kind of jobs to avoid, and the importance of having the right relationships were some of the things she learned along the way.
If you are an entrepreneur, student, young professional or anyone looking for inspiration in life and business this is the event for you. You will have a chance to ask questions, make comments and be part of a growing and thriving community of like minded people.
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